TODAY i Know it

making a million dollar cash is the way to have my own home build !

I have wrote a lot , think a lot and asked a lot , and even more today i know how to make it !

selling on line ! !!!!!!

making money online is so wide !!!

what i am really going to do is selling products online !

some product I am selling is going to give the profit of 10-15$

my strategy is using affiliate marketing so this means when i am selling a  product i will earn some 40% of the total sale price from the website is giving this product !

means when i am achieving the 10000 sales i will have minimum the profit of  a million dollar profit .

to day i am closer to do it , i know it , i feel it and i believe in it ./

some good products I am going to sell is clothe , especialy t shirts and hoodies .

some good one’s i get threw the