Guide to Declaration of Facebook perfect

Guide to Declaration of Facebook perfect:

الدليل لإعلان فيسبوك مثالي

Visual content:

People interact with the Visual content (Visual) more positively, in 90% of the information that travels to the brain is Visual, visual content more attractive, regardless of the type of advertising that says, your image must be visually attractive and attention-grabbing.

الدليل لإعلان فيسبوك مثالي

You must pay attention to image, image size and consistency of the colors in the image for more information about format pictures in facebook ads image size

Content with pray (logical):

Your ad must be powerful and contains what is new, no wasted effort

الدليل لإع��ان فيسبوك مثالي

And money on ads not important, successful reactions depends on the importance of content, select your target group and provided them with everything they desire, offer more than one product and give customers a choice, make a strong declaration and striking through numerous products available in one ad that might is the best of every product in a publication or announcement, let him get the catalog or part of a will, according to its time and schedule or to return Him whenever he wishes.

الدليل لإعلان فيسبوك مثالي

Includes performances by value:

Tell your client why should someone clicks on the ad, what’s different about the show about nothing else, discounts and gifts for participants and interacting increase interaction, trial period or an opportunity to try something once, if your ads are not important or does not contain a new customer will neglect this Declaration has classified some of this content to that annoying, new content that contains the opportunity and modernity, and is synchronized with the time of season and Events and holidays.


Directed to clear:

Customers feel the urgent need to interact or click for a discount or offer ends soon, don’t leave the viewer confused in serious Declaration, inviting the Viewer to interact directly feasible and feel it with interest and excellence.

الدليل لإعلان فيسبوك مثالي


In scenes in Facebook ads

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Upgrade to new smart phone

upgrade to new smart phone

many of us like’s to have new smart phone , more than the need of more storage and capacity ,and when some smartphone’s goes to be old fashion or when my smart phone does note stand in my need’s of more fast and new technological feature’s , more and more people are going to spent much money for this.


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